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Success And Fulfillment

This evening was a bit somber.

My wife and I had just returned home after our weekend household shopping when my younger son informed us that one of India’s young movie stars, Sushant Singh Rajput, had committed suicide today. This news was trending across all news links. He was just 34 years old.

There is always an emotional connection with public figures. My son, who follows this star on Instagram, was quite disturbed by the news.

We don’t know what prompted such a young actor to commit suicide. 

Whenever a celebrity with all the trappings of fame and success decides to end life, it reminds me of this quote by Tony Robbins says- “success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

Why Success Without Fulfillment Is the Ultimate Failure?

When we know we have failed at something, we can lift ourselves to overcome the failure. We can understand what we have done wrong; we can course correct and make any number of attempts to succeed.

But what can be done when someone succeeds at something but still feels like a failure inside, feeling dark and depressed? How do we help someone stuck in a dark place, and for whom no amount of personal achievement has any particular meaning?

Don’t Live in the Head:

Many of us live a large part of our lives in our Head. ” I should not have done that” or “Why did that happen to me” or “Someday I will have a great relationship” or “Will I ever be happy?” 

Our Head is both a place of refuge and a place of torment. Nothing we do at the moment matters. Everything that we do seems to be in pursuit of something tomorrow, making our today feel empty. 

Embrace Meditation as a great way to get out of the trap of your Mind. 

Be Present:

Accept your present as it is. Whatever goal you may want to go after, there is always a starting point, and that is your present. Life is about living and embracing your present moment and not looking to some future that is not there right now. 

Be Grateful:

Whether you see the glass half full or half empty is in your perspective. If you decide in your head that you will see only the bad stuff, you will see the bad things in sharp focus. If you choose to focus on all that is good, you will only see the good around you. Gratitude is the ability to see only the good around you and appreciate it. 

Begin and end every day with gratitude to the divine power that allows us to live a life of some worth. Try and derive meaning from all that good things around you that help you experience a life of some significance.

Seek Help

If you are feeling stuck for any reason and unable to get yourself out of a slump, reach out to someone you trust and take help. It is often easier to seek expert advice than try to solve mindset-related issues on your own.

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