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Be Motivated From Inside

Be Motivated
Let the motivation come from within

We all experience two kinds of motivation- External and Internal.

When you are inspired by some rewards that others offer for you to do something, you are externally motivated.

At work, your supervisor says, deliver these results, and you will get a big financial reward. You get excited to give your best. This is an external motivation. The problem with this kind of motivation is that the switch for your inspiration is in someone else’s hands. Such motivation is transitory and will not sustain.

In contrast, when we are internally motivated, we look within for the inspiration to pursue anything. The source of all motivation is in our heads.

The cycle of inner motivation starts with an Intense desire for doing something, that leads to a firm resolve, which in turn leads to a commitment of intense effort.

If the desire is weak, the resolve will be mild, and the commitment of effort will be marginal.

I have come across many people who say they want to do something on their own. They have great ideas, and they keep talking about it but never goes beyond that. Their desire to be an entrepreneur is weak, and hence the effort or commitment is lackluster.

Intellectually, you need to develop an intense reason, a strong “why” for pursuing something. This “why” is the fuel for your inner motivation. Why is it vital for you to be an entrepreneur? Because you want to prove to yourself that you are worthy of achieving something significant. This “why” becomes the catalyst for your self-motivation. It will not matter whether people back you or not; whether you have the resources or not, you will take the leap and move forward. You will encounter challenges, roadblocks, but you will not blame circumstances. You will somehow find the energy and the commitment to push through.

If you wish to lead an inspired life, develop the spark for being self-motivated. Let your desires and goals be rooted in some strong “why” that propels you from within with intensity.

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