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Rise Above Average

Strive To Be Above Average

Given a choice of five restaurants to go to for Lunch from your workplace, would you pick up an average one or the one that is the best?

Given a choice to hire one of five candidates who have applied for a role, would you pick the one with the best or lowest caliber.

In our Google fuelled world, we spend hours trying to assess the best there is for any Product or Service we are looking to consume.

As consumers, we always look for the best. Not one of us will consciously select anything mediocre or average.

Inversing this perspective, every one of us is a Product or a Service. Because we are offering our skills and capabilities to the market place for value in return. There is someone out there looking for precisely the skill or ability we possess and is actively looking for the best choice.

So, what kind of a Product or Service would we show up as for someone looking to engage us- Mediocre, Average, Good, Best?

Just like you would seek the best when buying something, you should strive to bring your best to the marketplace. Just like the best in class Products and Services look to differentiate on quality and customer experience, you should also seek to differentiate yourself in terms of the quality of your skills and the experience you give your stakeholders.

The best restaurant will have something that differentiates it, great ambiance, great food, excellent quality, or great price. So must you have something that makes you unique for those engaging with you? What is that part of you that makes you unique?

Try to lift yourself out of the gravitational pull of Average. There is a lot more competition in the Average zone. You are better of being outside the Average where there is lesser competition and more scope for you to shine.

When you are comfortable being Average, you are stuck in a mindset of mediocrity. Challenge yourself. Find a piece of your status quo-something that bothers you, something that you know needs to be improved-Work on it, change it, and make yourself stand out.

Bring your buyer’s mindset to whatever you do. Be paranoid about not falling into the trap of being Average. You deserve better !!

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