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Change Your Viewpoint, Change Your Life

What Is Your Viewpoint?

Early in my career, there was an ex-colleague of mine with whom I had a problematic relationship.

I felt this colleague was targeting me and trying to make me look bad. This made me very defensive. So, whenever we would get into any interaction, sparks would fly, and a verbal altercation would ensue.

This ex-colleague eventually became one of my very good friends. What changed?

A common friend for both of us advised me that this person was very genuine. He convinced me that my apprehension was misplaced, and there was no need for me to feel threatened.

This positive feedback immediately changed my negative feelings towards this colleague. And, magically, my relationship improved in a very short time. In due course, this colleague became one of my very good friends.

So, what happened to convert a negative situation into something positive?

I just changed the way I saw the person. Earlier, I saw him as an adversary. When my friend advised me that he was a good person, my perspective changed. I no longer saw him as an adversary. When my viewpoint became positive, I no longer felt defensive. The quality of my behavior changed, and the relationship improved.

Change The Way You See Things

We tend to be pessimistic about a lot of things.

  • I am doing so much, working so hard, but the people around me do not recognize my effort.
  • I am always ready and offering help. But, she does not reciprocate ever.
  • I respond immediately when he asks me for something. When I ask him for something, he procrastinates. 
  • The target is too big. It is impossible to win.

When your viewpoint is negative, your feelings are negative and this has a ripple effect on your actions and behavior. Overall, the quality of your experience suffers.

Just change the way you see things; it will change the way you feel. Out of these right feelings, perform the actions you have to take- You will find that you can deal with everything in your life more effectively and productively.

Take anything troubling you, anything that does not feel right in your life right now- change the way you see the issue. You will straight away feel better. Then, do what you have to do when you feel better. You will see better outcomes.

If you choose to see the world around you positively, the quality of your life experience will improve dramatically.

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