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The Universe Is Benevolent

Universe Is Benevolent
Humanity Is Just A Speck

The universe is benevolent. It will give the best that everyone deserves. We may focus on what we want, but it focuses on providing us what we need.

It is like a Parent. A child may want a tub of Ice Cream, but the parent would serve vegetables instead. It does not matter if the child feels miserable eating vegetables

The parent knows what is good for the child and gives it what it needs instead of what it wants.

Often, we tend to live in our shallow emotions seeking only that which makes us feel good in the moment. However, the universe, like a parent, knows that we are destined for something bigger. It knows our potential. Therefore it gives us what we need.

  • It may not give you the success you desire because it knows what you need is more experience first.
  • It may give someone a pink slip because that is the best way to make the person do something different.
  • Or it may cause a breakup in a relationship as the person needs to learn the value of what truly matters in life. 

We all are existing because of a higher power that gave us the blessing of this human life. All of us are born out of this universe, and in that sense, it is also like our parent.

We need to have faith that the Universe is benevolent and has our best interests at heart. It is only concerned about giving us what we need and not what we want.

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