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Worthiness Should Not Have Prerequisites


I am sure almost all of us have encountered situations in our lives where we have attached our sense of self-worth and happiness to some outcome happening in our favor. Our sense of identity and worthiness feels threatened when some result is not aligned to how we see ourselves.

  • Getting into that Ivy League College is crucial for me. My Brother is from that Top School. If I don’t get in, I will be less.
  • I have been in the same position for three years now with no promotion. It means I am not good enough to get to the next level in this organization.
  • Yes, this may be a role that may give me a different and well-rounded experience. But how can I accept a lower salary? It means I am going backward.

We struggle with our decision making in many situations because it is not based on any objective evaluation of the benefits and disadvantages. We are simply dictated by the whims of our “ego” and how it perceives a particular decision.

There is something wrong with our thinking if our sense of worthiness is based on some external considerations.

Our sense of self-worth and identity should have no prerequisites. Our worthiness should be an “as-is,” here and now proposition.

Irrespective of your current state of achievement, when you engage and interact with people and your surroundings from a place of worthiness, you will be able to commit yourself wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, free from all reserve and hesitation.

Make a conscious effort to liberate yourself from the need for external validation of your true worth. You are intrinsically worthy !!

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