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Pain Is The Price Of Growth

Pain Is The Price Of Growth
Pain Is the Price Of Growth

The growth you will experience in your life is directly proportional to the pain you are willing to endure.

I wish this were not true. Sadly, it is.

The more pain you can endure, the faster you grow and the stronger you become.

This principle holds for all facets of our life.

Anything easy you do does not make you stronger. If you seek out the comfort of an easy, your life will end up being tough.

I am not suggesting that you invite challenging situations deliberately into your life. But, when you encounter a difficult or a tough situation, please don’t go into a shell. Embrace the challenge, and learn to endure it, tolerate it.

What you endure will become your strength.

When negative and toxic people come into your life, don’t run. Bunker down. Fight your battles. Endure them. You will find yourself becoming emotionally resilient and more competent to deal with difficult people.

Many problems hit you simultaneously- Loss of a loved one, politics at work, losses on your financial holdings. Instead of getting depressed, going into a shell, try to keep a positive attitude. Endure the challenging situation. Eventually, it will pass. But, In the process, you get a significant gift. You get inoculated to dealing with pain and problems. No tough situation in the future will ever faze you.

The price of growth is pain. The pain you endure today becomes your strength tomorrow.

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