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The Story Of The Two Doormen

Positive Attitude
A Positive Attitude Always Takes You Places

A Hotel in a big city advertises for the roles of a Front Desk executive. Two young men, Frank and Harry, apply for the job and go in for the interview with the Manager. At the end of the interview, the Manager says to both Frank and Harry, “We’ve been able to fill the Front Desk Executive role. So, unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer you the job. But, we have a couple of openings for the role of a doorman to the Hotel. We can offer you that role.”

Both Frank and Harry are desperate for a job.

Frank thinks, ” Shucks, this is a disappointment. I really saw myself as a front desk executive. To be a doorman is not what I was expecting. But, I need a job, and the role of a doorman is a start. It is a good way to learn the basics; I’ll get to meet clients first hand, I’ll be a fly on the wall and learn how the Hotel works. It’s as good a job as any for me to learn the business of the Hotel.” He happily agrees to take on the job of the Doorman.

Harry thinks,” Damn. Job as a doorman. That’s beneath me and my qualifications. But what to do? I need a job. I’ll pick it up.” So, begrudgingly, Harry also accepts the Doorman’s job.

The next day, both Frank and Harry take on their positions as the Doorman across two different entry points to the Hotel.

Harry has an uncomfortable and unhappy look on his face. The disappointment of having taken a job out of compulsion is intense, and it shows in the way he engages with the clients. He is distant and curt.

Frank, on the other hand, is full of excitement and a positive attitude. He welcomes customers smilingly, helps them with their bags, and does everything to make them feel good about their stay at the Hotel. He is also paying attention to everything that is happening at the Hotel.

After a few months, the position of Front Desk Executive opens up and the General Manager of the Hotel, he is thinking about Frank. The General Manager has passed Frank every day, and he has not missed noticing Frank’s smiling face, helping nature, and the impact he has had on the Hotel’s clients.

The General Manager calls Frank and offers him the role of the Front Desk Executive.

Life continues at the Hotel. Many years later, Frank is now the General Manager of the Hotel, and he is in complete control of everything that is happening at the Hotel. After a great day at work, Frank greets new guests in the lobby, chats with them for a bit, and heads out of the Hotel. As he walks out, still waiting for the next break and bitter that the job is beneath him and resentful for the lack of opportunities, there is Harry the Doorman.

Life throws up opportunities. Your attitude decides what you make of it. If you see every job as an opportunity to learn and grow, it becomes a stepping stone for something bigger. If, on the other hand, you see it as an entitlement, always thinking about what the job is giving you, you will always feel like you are struggling.

Bring the positive attitude of Frank to whatever you do. You will always be ready for the next big break in your life and career.

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