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Work For Yourself

work for yourself

All of us fall into one of two categories when it pertains to the work we do.

  1. People who work for an organization.
  2. People who work for themselves, self-employed-Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Artists, etc.

There is a big difference in the way folks who fall into either of the groups tend to think about how they approach work.

When you are working for someone or some organization, results are important, but you also tend to be more interested in how you come across to the people who matter. Looking good and being right a lot of times takes precedence over delivering outcomes. If the results happen, it is excellent. But at the core, there is always this underlying desire to look good and be right. Intuitively you carry the belief that making mistakes is bad. And, if the ideas are not yours, you count for nothing. You think others will not see you as intelligent or value creating.

People who work for themselves don’t have the luxury of thinking like the people who work for others. They don’t care whether they are right or wrong or whether the idea is theirs or someone else’s. They are more worried about delivering the right outcomes instead of worrying about how others see them.

People working for themselves see their growth through the lens of results they deliver. Is the business growing, is the art gaining visibility, are more clients consuming the services? Results come first, and then everything else. If ever there is a trade-off between being rich and unknown vs. being poor and famous, the ones working for themselves know where the value is.

The people who see consistent success and growth working for others paradoxically come to work with a self-employed mindset. They manage to deliver great results while also ensuring that their profile and visibility are positive.

Even if you are working for someone else if you can invoke the mindset of working for yourself, its a superpower. Success will embrace you !!

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