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What’s Your Operating System?

operating system

A computer, for it to function, needs an operating system. The operating system’s purpose is to manage the computer’s memory, processes, and all of its software and hardware. Without it, the computer is useless. If the Operating system is corrupted, the functioning of a computer deteriorates dramatically.

A computer is a non-biological take of what a human being is. We all have an operating system in our life and it is a set of activities that we do consistently, be it daily, weekly, monthly, so that our body, mindset, and energy are always in good shape. An imbalance in any one of these three components will impair our experience of life.

Having an strong operating system in your life will help you run after your goals, aspirations efficiently.

Do you have one for your daily existence?

Take five minutes and list down the things you do daily to keep your body, mindset, and energy in ship-shape. Your operating system is a conscious choice of good, consistent habits and rituals that you have installed to help you lead a balanced life.

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