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Stick To Decisions Made

Decisions Made

Practise makes perfect. Anything we do consistently becomes a habit, a skill, and a strength.

If I run every day, I become an efficient runner, or If I cook every day, I become an accomplished cook, or if I practice being calm every day, I become a naturally calm person.

Whatever you want to become good at, you have to practice diligently and consistently. And, when you do that, over time, you develop mastery.

There is one new positive habit everyone needs to develop- Sticking to decisions made.

Let me illustrate this with an example.

I resolve to wake up at 6 am tomorrow, and I set up my alarm to help me. That I will wake up early tomorrow is a proper decision I have taken, and the alarm is a tool to help me execute that decision. Now, tomorrow when the alarm rings, If I wake up promptly, I am practicing the process of “sticking to a decision made.”

However, If I hit the snooze button multiple times and continue sleeping, what am I doing? I am practicing the process of “not sticking to a decision made.”

This might sound a little too simplistic, but there is an important message here. Our subconscious mind is a witness to whatever we do throughout the day. If it sees me do what I had decided I would do, it reinforces the habit of “sticking to the decision made.” If, on the other hand, if my mind repeatedly observes that I am reneging on what I had decided to do, it reinforces in me the habit of “not sticking to the decision made.”

Remember practice makes perfect? In all facets of my life, If I take decisions and “don’t stick to the decision made,” I am practicing “not sticking.” I will start becoming a champion at making decisions but not sticking to my own decisions.

On the other hand, whatever be the decision I take- to meet someone at 5 pm or restricting sugar intake or reading for an hour a day, or meditating everyday- If I stick to the decisions, I develop the good habit of sticking to decisions made.

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