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Are You Living Someone Else’s Desires?


From the time we move into adulthood, most of what we want in our personal and professional lives is picked up through the society we operate in. What my friends are doing, my parents wish for me, or what my spouse wants.

  • I come from a family of doctors, and everyone expects me to be a doctor. 
  • He has made a 14% return on his investments, while my investment portfolio has moved by only 4%. I need to do something about this urgently.
  • The real estate market is hot. All my colleagues are investing in properties. I should also do the same.
  • My spouse’s cousin has immigrated to Canada. I must also try going there.

We observe what others are doing, and we subconsciously make them our desires. We create back pressure on ourselves to commit all the resources at our disposal to actualize those desires. Unfortunately, through the process, we lose a sense of what we truly desire. Despite all achievements, we still crave something more, unclear and confused. Out of this confusion emerges our search for meaning. What do we want in our life ?

“Would I still be interested in pursuing something if I couldn’t tell anybody about it after I achieve it?” This question is a great way to figure out if what you are going after is something you genuinely want or if you are living someone else’s desire.  

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