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Don’t Get Trapped In The “When I Have Enough” Syndrome

When I have enough

A dear friend of mine practices tithing, and a few years back he introduced me to this good habit.

He taught me that giving is an attitude that I must inculcate proactively. When we got discussing this subject, he shared an interesting perspective.

We all think we will begin giving and sharing when we have enough. “I will start earning money, and once I have saved enough, I will start sharing.”

Unfortunately, If we don’t have the heart to share ten cents when we have a dollar, we will find it even more difficult to share when we have ten dollars. So the idea of “I will give when I have enough” never works because our mind is not processing how much we have; it is processing how much we have to give. Since we have never practiced giving, we will struggle to commit to this habit.

The only way to develop the capacity to give is by practicing the spirit of giving even when we may not have enough. Giving is an attitude that has nothing to do with how much we have. We can share even when we don’t have anything.

This attitude need not be restricted to tithing. It works for any form of giving. You want to donate your time to serve someone-Don’t wait to have enough time on hand to do it- Commit whatever little time you can for a start.

Don’t get trapped in the “when I have enough” syndrome. You will never have enough. You just have to start giving, money, time, effort- whatever you have to offer- even if you feel you may not have enough.

when i have enough
Don’t Wait For “When I Have Enough” Just start giving.

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