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Guard Your Peace

Guard Your Peace

Sometimes when dealing with people, you could encounter situations where you are not sure of the right thing to do. You are stuck between two conflicting choices. If you say something, it could potentially offend the other person and stress the relationship. If you don’t say anything, the other person may feel that he is correct and you are wrong.

So you end up wondering, should I or should I not say something? What is the right thing to do?

Whatever be the situation, when it relates to dealing with people, I have this simple mental model to help me navigate my actions.

If the choice is between being right and being at peace, make that choice that will leave you feeling peaceful. Oftentimes, in trying to defend your point of view, you get get snared into combative conversations that create stress and impact your peace.

E.g. Someone is saying something about the political situation, you have a choice of feeling self-righteous and getting into a heated argument, or you guard your mental peace by keeping quiet.

That said, the choice need not always be about keeping quiet. If you feel that saying something helps your peace, go
right ahead and say it.

E.g., You are in a meeting, and not showcasing your credentials would fill you with regret. You should speak up because your peace is dependent on it.

When faced with options , choose the one that will guard your peace in the long-term.

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