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Month: May 2021

Three Ways To Manage Your Stress


No one likes to feel stressed out. I, like anybody else, experience stressful and overwhelming moments, and at times, those moments can get pretty intense. Over the years, I have learned a few techniques that help me wind down from Read more…

Your Best Happens When You Are Peaceful


Fear and anxiety exist wherever there is a consequence for your actions. The bigger the consequence, the more pressure and fear you will experience. Say you have been asked to make a presentation to your management team. Your mind creates a Read more…

It’s Your Job To Learn


Both my kids are talented amateur musicians who have been learning Indian Classical Music for more than a decade now. They are blessed to be under the tutelage of 2 world-renowned and outstanding musicians. Watching them evolve in their musical Read more…

Ten Minutes Of Silence


I enjoy the process of meditation and sitting in silence for at least 30 minutes every day. The benefits of meditation are apparent, and as an eager parent, I want my kids to take up this practice. Unfortunately, they are Read more…

Get Out Of A Bad Mood- A Simple Hack

Bad Mood

“I am unable to control how I feel. Sometimes I get caught in a negative mood, and I don’t know how to come out of it. What should I do?” Someone asked me recently. All of us struggle with this. Read more…

Seek To Understand


One of the basic tenets of life that I subscribe to in a big way is about making an effort to understand the world around us- how the systems work, how the people operate, organizations and nations function. Looking back, Read more…

Are You Ok With The Worst Case Scenario?

Worst Case Scenario

The quality of life we experience is a function of the decisions we have taken in our life. When it comes to making tough decisions, we always experience an internal tussle between the options that we think we want and the Read more…



There a many times I remind my kids about the privilege they have – education, a good life, opportunities. They always retort back, saying that I am a party pooper, always trying to take a moralistic view of even the Read more…

Fall In Love With The Work, Not The Identity


I have a friend who is an expert at tracking the equity markets and investing in stocks. He has made many investments that have gone on to become blockbusters earning him great returns. My friend’s passion for investing is infectious. Read more…

Stay Connected With The Familiar


I am not very good with my sense of direction, and this weakness often gets me into trouble when I go to big shopping malls with multi-storied parking lots. It has happened many times that I have parked my car Read more…