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Month: May 2021

Focus On The Right Metrics


In everything you do concerning your professional career, there are input metrics, and there are output metrics.  Salary, Compensation, Status, Position and fame are output metrics of skill and contribution you make in your work environment. If you keep increasing Read more…

Ideas That Make You Reflect

ideas that make you think

I have this ever growing list of ideas, aphorisms, quotes that I keep noting down when reading books, blogs or listening to some podcasts. Every month, I curate some of the memorable wisdom to share with all of you. Here Read more…

You Can’t Change Anyone

change anyone

All of us have that one or two folks in our lives who stress us out because of their actions. The exams are nearing, and the kid doesn’t seem to care. You want to see him focused o his studies, Read more…

Always Ask Why

Asking Why

We can all learn from kids. They are always curious, looking around and asking WHY to try and make sense of their world. As adults, it is essential we also keep nurturing the child in us by asking the question Read more…

Writing Is Thinking


Nobel Prize winner and Physicist Richard Feynman once said, “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.” We fool ourselves by imagining we know more than we do; we think we are Read more…

Don’t Avoid Those Who Disagree With You


A few days back, I got into a debate with my younger son regarding an Economics Assessment paper he was working on. In this assessment, my son had to research a particular topic and provide his perspective based on the Read more…

Goals Or Growth?

Goals or Growth

When you are goal conscious, you are looking at a number, a position, or a date, and you judge yourself based on how well you did in terms of hitting that goal, that number. When you are growth conscious, more Read more…

The Blind Man

The Blind Man

In a bustling metropolis, there was a blind man who sat outside a supermarket with a donation box by his side and a sign in front that read, “I am blind. Please help me with a donation.” Most people walked Read more…

Always Accept With Grace

Accept With Grace

How do we react when we receive something- This is something that has always fascinated me. When you receive a gift, a kind gesture, or an apology, how do you respond, and what do you say? Let’s take the case Read more…

When you Change Your Identity, Habit Change Is Easy

Change Your Identity

Here’s a small mental quiz. Do you have a friend or a family member who use to be 15 to 20 Kilos overweight who has magically transformed into a lean, fit person? Do you know any past colleague or workmate Read more…