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Practice Thinking Better

Thinking better

Einstein nailed it when he said, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Thinking better is like any other skill – and you have to practice it. But here’s the thing: Unfortunately, Read more…

Friday Wisdom-Let Go

Let Go

At some point, you will have to learn to let go. There is an endless list of obligations and expectations, desires and ambitions, and worries and fears that will always be ready to insert themselves between you and the feeling Read more…

Notice The Gradual

notice the gradual

As individuals, we all naturally respond to the urgent and important at the expense of anything relevant but gradual. It is similar to the metaphor of the frog, which, when placed in boiling water, will jump out immediately because of Read more…

Always Wear Your Jersey

Wear your jersey

Across most organizations, very little work is individual in nature. Much of it is teamwork. You are working in a team and contributing to the team’s overall success. Now, when execution happens, it could lead to wins and losses, and Read more…

Avoid The Self-Serving Bias

Sel-Serving bias

One of the most common biases almost all of us suffer from regularly is the Self-Serving Bias, where we are always ready to take credit for success but no blame for failure. I get top marks in an exam or Read more…

Enjoy The Practice

enjoy the practice

My younger son enjoys cricket so much that he takes his game very seriously. He practices his bowling and batting regularly, and every time the practice doesn’t go well, he beats himself up, thinking a lot about the mistakes he Read more…

Weekend Story-Right Skills At The Right Place

Right Skills

A curious baby camel once asked its mother, “Why do we have a hump?” Mother Camel replied, “We are desert animals, and we have the hump to store water to survive in the harsh environment.” Curious, the baby camel asked Read more…

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose-The Three Movitators

Three motivators

This morning, I was re-reading DRiVE by Daniel Pink. The book shares some great insights into what drives human motivation. Daniel Pink introduces the Motivation 3.0 framework, which is structured around the three motivators of autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Much Read more…

Impactful Living

Impactful living

Came across this brilliant perspective on ageing by Greg Isenberg, a famous internet personality. Reading this made me reflect on how we can all think about the idea of impactful living. It’s a nice call to action to focus on Read more…

Metaphor Of A Mango Tree

Mango Tree

In the dance of life, let’s be like the mango tree. As it bears the weight of growing mangoes, it bends gracefully, reminding us that the more we accumulate—knowledge, experience, wealth—the more important it is to stay grounded. Humility, like Read more…