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Joy And Sorrow

Joy and sorrow

One of my favorite and soul-inspiring books is The Prophet. It is a book of 26 prose poetry fables written in English by the Lebanese–American poet and writer Kahlil Gibran. The titular character in the book is Prophet AL Mustafa, who has lived in the Read more…


13 things mentally strong people don't do

Sharing an extract from the Book by the same Title, Thirteen Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, authored by the famed psychologist Amy Morin.  The list is hard-hitting and powerful. Take a print-out and pin it on your soft board. 13 Read more…

Weekend Story- The Glass And The Lake

Glass and lake

An unhappy young lady once went to a wise old master seeking guidance to be happier. Pointing to a can of salt on the table, the wise master asked the unhappy young lady to pick up a fistful of salt Read more…

Give Your Best- Success Vs Winning

Success and Winning

At god’s footstool to confess,  a poor soul knelt, and bowed his head. “I failed,” he cried. The master said, “Thou didst thy best; that is success.” Many years back, I came across this lovely verse in a Ted Talk Read more…

Beware Of Unconscious Distraction !!

unconscious distractions

A couple of weekends back, I knocked off three hours of watching four episodes of a TV show on Netflix. It wasn’t in my weekend plans to watch this show. It just happened. It was a riveting suspense thriller. Every Read more…

Don’t Keep Grudges


When I was in my thirties, there were situations where I would occasionally disagree or have a difference of opinion with a colleague at work about how some matter should be dealt with. While in the main, most of the Read more…

Joy Is In Work Well Done

Joy In Work

I am currently in Nairobi, Kenya, conducting business workshops with many of our clients and prospects. These workshops help us understand our clients’/prospects’ technology and innovation roadmaps, identify challenges, and co-create solutions that help them future-proof their businesses. The days Read more…

Getting Out Of Negative Thinking

Negative Thinking

Many of us suffer from the challenge of negative thoughts that keep swirling in our heads every time we encounter a challenge. Much as we want to avoid negative thinking, we find ourselves helplessly caught out. There are three big Read more…

Building Trust In Relationships

building trust

How do I become better at building great trusting relationships? This is a question many of my young mentees ask me. I learned much of what I do unconsciously today when engaging with others from two books I read many Read more…

Weekend Story-The Heavy Rock

Heavy Rock

There was once a Buddhist monk walking with his disciples through a farm. As they were walking, the senior monk noticed a big Rock, standing tall in the middle of the farm. Pointing to the Rock that was there, the Read more…