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Get Out Of A Bad Mood- A Simple Hack

Bad Mood

“I am unable to control how I feel. Sometimes I get caught in a negative mood, and I don’t know how to come out of it. What should I do?” Someone asked me recently.

All of us struggle with this. We all know that our mind is something that we should be able to control. But, somehow, when we get caught in a spiral of negative emotions, we struggle to snap out of that negative state.

I have a simple hack to help me come out of any negative emotional state. It’s called the Action-Feeling Cycle.

When you change the actions you take, it brings about a change in the feelings you feel.

You want to feel positive, take positive actions. Help someone, watch uplifting, positive videos or listen to upbeat, uplifting music.

You want to feel happy. Take happy actions. Smile. Play some sport, catch up with friends who make you happy.

You want to feel Inspired. Catch up with people who inspire you, read inspiring books or listen to inspiring music.

You may not be able to control your emotional state at all times. But you certainly can control the actions you take. So, whenever you find yourself struggling to pivot from a bad mood to a positive mood, don’t try to forcibly think your way to a good mood. It is futile. Instead, focus on the right actions. When you do that,, you will find yourself coming out of the bad mood thanks to the Action-Feeling cycle.

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