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Become Good At Learning


When do you truly become good at learning?

  1. When you have an intrinsic desire to grow.
  2. When you are intentional about wanting to learn.
  3. When you reflect on your experiences and look for lessons learned.
  4. When you actively engage with people who are better than you.
  5. When you ask the WHY question- Why is something the way it is?
  6. When you take up tasks that challenge you.
  7. When you don’t fear making mistakes.
  8. When you learn for learning’s sake without worrying about results and goals.
  9. When you consciously let go of old ways of thinking and doing things.
  10. When you teach and mentor others.
  11. When you are open-minded and receptive, and
  12. When you collect and synthesize information from different sources.

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