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Keep The Fire Of Passion Burning


If you want to achieve excellence in any endeavor, you can’t get far unless you are passionate about your work and fully involved. Half-hearted commitment never results in any sort of excellence.

My son is a musician. I know he is passionate about the practice and preparation he puts in daily to hone his skill. And this passion shows up in the pristine quality of music he delivers.

It is the same for any venture. The quality of the results you deliver and the outcomes you experience are always directly proportional to the passion and zest you bring to your work. You naturally do things passionately in either of the two scenarios- You LOVE what you do, or You DO what you love.

Your life is too short and precious to fritter away eight or ten hours daily doing something you may not care too much about. So no matter what stage you are at in your life, keep checking on how much passion you are bringing to whatever you are doing every day. Keep the fire of passion burning, always. Because you deserve to be on top of your game always !!

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