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Linchpin-Are You Indispensable is hands down one of my all-time favorite books written by my favorite modern-day thinker, Seth Godin. In the book, Seth Godin writes about Linchpins being those “artists”- uniquely talented people who view their work as an opportunity for self-expression and growth. They make things happen and deliver exceptional value to a point where they make themselves indispensable to the people and the teams around them.

In a literal sense, a linchpin is an actual pin used to secure a wheel to the axle of a car or wagon, ensuring it doesn’t come off while rotating. Seth Godin cleverly uses the Linchpin as a metaphor to describe those individuals in organizations who play a pivotal role in keeping the business or operation functioning amidst challenges and stresses.

So, how does one identify as a Linchpin? 

Are you one of those in the workplace who consistently steps up, takes ownership of getting stuff done, and makes things happen? Are you a proactive problem-solver not content with taking instructions and simply meeting expectations but striving to make a lasting impact in all you undertake?

Anyone displaying these attributes will be a Linchpin, always in demand and indispensable!!

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