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Fresh Start- Managing Myself

I have been wanting to start a Blog for a long time but somehow never got around to actually doing it. The thinking in my head was this- There is already so much information available out there that any one can access, there is nothing unique and original that I can put out there. Also, I have more important work to do. I have a day job, I am busy , hard at work  and I just don’t have the time. Strangely though, there has been this constant voice in the head telling me that I MUST to do it because the real reason is something else.

 It is fear of being judged.

“What if the message I put out is already written by someone else. I am just recycling it. There is nothing original in that”

” Worse still, what if what I am writing is challenged and called out. Am I  am just an imposter, trying to make myself look good even when I am not good enough ?”

As a life and executive coach, I work with many youngsters and mid level executives and through the conversations, there is always this one insight that keeps coming out. The best way to deal with an issue like fear or inadequacy is to acknowledge it, use it as a trigger and just do whatever needs to be done. The mere act of DOING creates a possibility for cutting the shackle of limiting beliefs that is holding us back.

So here I am trying to practise what I preach. Why a Blog then ? Because I know I have something of value to share and this is going beyond the one on one coaching conversations, allowing me to reach  a wider group, with whom my message may resonate.

After almost two and half decades of work life I realise that concepts like family, career, growth, wealth creation, managing relationships, personal fulfilment etc are all linked to one fundamental lever. Managing Myself.

 I am in a constant loop of creating my own experience by doing  something and experiencing the consequence I create with  my action, which in turn shapes what I do(beliefs).  My life as an adult and my experiences are all a consequence of all the action( even inaction is an action) I have taken in life. Understanding this relationship between my actions and my experience has been a great learning process. I today realize the I am the creator of my own destiny.

Actions stem from my thoughts. My thought process is defined by my emotional state. If I am feeling good about myself, I have empowering thoughts leading to productive actions. If my emotional state is weak, stressed, negative, my thought process will be limited leading to actions that are weak. Maintaining a pleasant emotional state is one of the key cornerstones of learning to manage myself better.

In a life of 5 decades i have made many  positive and not so positive experiences. All of them are linked to the way I acted and they have shaped me to be the person I am today.  I feel like a gamer who has completed 5 levels, lost lots of lives but has somehow managed to survive this game and is now looking forward to the next 5 levels. I know what happens in the first 5 levels and I feel I am in a unique position share some insights of how to play the game to have the best fun playing at-least the first 5 levels.

Managing myself better will be the central theme of my messaging. I will pick up key issues that I have encountered or I have struggled with and try and provide a view of what can be done. Keep watching this space.

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  • Great start Pramod. I am a fan and will be reading your daily updates. So keep them coming. Already insightful.

  • Hi Pramod, this is one of the unique pieces that I read and will forever remain that way. Thanks for sharing your experiences. All the very best and look forward to reading more and regularly from you.

  • First of all…Congratulations on starting your blog!! I found it very interesting to read.Would love to read more about ” Managing Myself” .Best of luck Pramod.

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