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Focus On The Doing

focus on the doing

When we get too caught up in our goals and keep getting overwhelmed by the magnitude and distance to cover, we end up being less effective. The anxiety of not achieving what we want actually kills our creativity. You start Read more…

Practise Leadership In Everything You Do

practise leadership

How you work on tasks, projects, agendas and how you manage execution tells a lot about the kind of person you are. At each step, you have a choice- To practice leadership in everything you do. Leadership calls for exercising Read more…

Responsive Or Reactive ?


We often find ourselves toggling between two primary psychological modes: reactive and responsive. You can Imagine the reactive mode as a high-pressure situation – it’s the one that makes you feel stressed out. In this mode, you tend to snap Read more…

Weekend Story-The Value Of Time

value of time

A miser had accumulated, by effort, trade, and lending, three hundred thousand dinars. He had lands and buildings and all kinds of wealth. He then decided that he would spend a year in enjoyment, living comfortably, and then decide what Read more…

Six Laws Of Life

six Laws

In our daily lives, we often encounter situations and challenges that confuse us. During these moments of uncertainty, we turn to certain ‘laws’—unspoken principles that provide us with some simple wisdom to help us deal with the situation. I can Read more…

Five Ways To Be Present

be present

Notes from my daily journal-29/08/2023 Yesterday, I returned home from work late evening and sat on the couch, scrolling through my phone notifications and half-heartedly listening to my wife talk about her day. All the while, I was thinking about Read more…

Weekend Story-The Competent Sales Guy

competent sales guy

The Gerstein couple is looking to buy a new car. So they decide to go to a prominent car showroom dealing in all the best brands. The husband calls the showroom and books an appointment with Jared, the salesperson at Read more…

Universal Skills

universal skills

The other day, someone asked me about essential skills for success in their career and life. This got me thinking. Could there be a universally prescribed skill set that applies to all?  Definitionally, a skill is an ability acquired through Read more…

Weekend Story- Problem Solving

Problem Solving

In a peaceful village, a father left behind an inheritance of 17 Horses for his three sons. When the father passed away, his sons gathered to read his will, eager to understand their shares. The will stipulated that the eldest Read more…

Clarity And Acceptance -Antidotes To Anxiety


Fear and anxiety are different emotions, yet we often mix them up.  We all have a gut feeling when danger is near. Fear is that unconscious emotional response that kicks in to keep us safe.  Anxiety, though, is not cut Read more…