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What’s In Your Control

What's in your control

What is in your control? In a business review this afternoon, a young colleague presented his quarterly plan. As a preamble, he began by emphasizing his intention to prioritize aspects within his control while consciously avoiding concerns beyond his control. Read more…

Weekend Story- The Pastor’s Test

A lady in a small town once went to the Pastor and said, “Dear Pastor, I won’t be going to your church anymore..” The Pastor was surprised. This lady was a regular at the Church. “Why do you want to Read more…

Epictetus’ Wisdom


Epictetus, a prominent Stoic philosopher of ancient Greece, offers profound insights on living a virtuous and fulfilling life. Sharing six of my favorite thoughts from Epictetus.

Acheivement & Contribution


A reader recently contacted me, curious about the motivation behind my daily writing habit. Instead of addressing this question directly, I want to offer a perspective on achievement and contribution and how they have shaped my journey. In our quest Read more…

The Four Questions

Four Questions

James Allen, a success coach, productivity guru, and author of the brilliant book Getting Things Done, lays out on simple mantra for anyone wanting to get better at whatever they do. He says “For true success, ask yourselves these four Read more…

Focus On Progress

focus on progress

I was recently in a performance disussion with a young colleague struggling in his newly appointed sales role. He was accustomed to quick success in his previous roles, so not achieving results in the current sales role was a challenging Read more…

No One Cares Until You Show Results

no one cares

“My team was struggling with a problem, and I knew what we could do to deal with the problem. No one took me seriously. It was as if my opinion did not matter”,  my mentee wistfully lamented to me during a Read more…

Weekend Story-Bullseye


Antipater, a revered Greek general and diplomat, once gathered a group of skilled archers and challenged them to a riddle. He showed them a bullseye and asked them, “Can you describe what you see ?” Most of the archers responded Read more…

Hope For A Life Full Of Good Problems

Good Problems

This afternoon, I was discussing with a couple of my colleagues how tackling more significant and complicated problems is a sign of personal growth and essential for our satisfaction. Life is about dealing with issues, solving problems, and moving forward. Read more…

Give Your Best

Give your best

Here are ten inspiring messages from my book of quotes that remind me to give my best, everyday. While I love all of them, the ones in bold, I love a lot !!