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Be A Problem Solver

Life is all about problem solving.

You could be a student, an early career executive, an entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, artist or a home maker. Whatever it is one is doing, everyone has a broad job or role  description and there is an expectation of solving for some sort of challenge, goal, objective.

  • Student- Study, write exams, get good grades and convince prospective employers about his/her credentials. Alternatively, convincing parents about doing something independent.
  • Early Career Executive- Deliver results at very high quality, as per the job description for the role
  • Entrepreneur- Setting up, solving some end user problem and growing the enterprise in line with personal vision
  • Seasoned Executive- Marshal teams and organisational resources to deliver output/results in line with the expectations of the Management team.
  • Artist- Practice the art rigorously and demonstrate capability to positively impact the target audience.
  • Home maker- Manage the affairs of the family and the running of the household in the most optimal manner such that the family thrives.

Problem solving is the process by which we find a solution for any problem, opportunity or challenge we encounter in our day to day life. It is an important competency and a skill that everyone must get comfortable developing.

So how should I go about becoming skillful at solving problems?

Some learning that I have captured for myself.

  • I start with having the belief that a solution exists and that I can find the solution. I can if I believe I can.
  • I am objective. Many times it is difficult to detach emotions when dealing with a problem. Negative emotions are a bane when I am trying to solve an issue. As a problem solver I focus on identifying the problem, what caused it, the people or situations involved – regardless of what or how I feel.
  • I do not have to solve all problems by myself. If I can solve the problem, good. Else, I should be comfortable taking help. All I should be thinking about is solving the problem and not get stuck in the ego of trying to do it myself.
  • I must be comfortable admitting that I could be the problem. Sometimes I may be my own blind spot or I may be approaching the problem the wrong way.
  • I should not be afraid of failing or losing multiple times in the process of trying to solve the problem. Fear freezes me sometimes from taking the right action.

If one solves more math problems, one becomes better at math. Its the same with life challenges and life goals. Think of them as a problems to solve, and the more you solve , the better you become at managing life better. You become experienced.

When we say someone is experienced- it just means that person has solved more problems in life.

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