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How Will You Be Remembered?

Life is strange. It was a great day at work for me and I was feeling good. Then I got the news that my friend Mabel Lau passed away this afternoon after battling death for over 2 weeks.

Excitement one moment and despair the next moment !!

My heart goes out to her family. I pray that they have the strength to deal with this loss.

Right now my mood is sad and somber.

But, I know time is a great healer. In a few days, the pain of this moment would be replaced by the memory of who Mabel was as a person- A compassionate, positive and a brilliant human being always doing good for everyone around her.

That is all I will remember of her. Just the person she was. Nothing else.

All of use will go the same way one day.

When that happens, what is the legacy of memories I will leave with others. How will people remember me and what will they remember me for?

All of us have the power to decide on how we want to be remembered. The power comes from the way we choose to live our life right now-By being good and doing good. 

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