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Does My Past Define My Future?

Is our past a predictor of our future?

For the answer to be a YES, this has to be true.

  • Those who have experienced success in the achievement of their goals and desires in the past, will continue doing so in the future too.
  • Those who have experienced struggles will be held hostage by their past and will continue to struggle in the future too.

We can all agree both these statements are not true.

Our future IS NOT a consequence of our past.

Yes, if I show up with old thoughts, old mindset, old behaviors there is no doubt that history will repeat itself.

If we want our future to be different and better from our past, we need to accept one fact.

Old must retire and give way to the new.- New thoughts, new mindset, new behaviors.

It doesn’t matter what my past was, what I do new and different will determine who I become in the future. A better version of my present self.

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