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5 Ways To Feel Good And Happy

  • Accept painful emotions as being part and parcel of being human. Paradoxically this helps us appreciate the positive emotions in contrast.
  • Spend Quality time with family and friends- people who care about you and who care about you. Become time Affluent when it comes to being with your dear ones. The present moment is a great opportunity to do this naturally without spending too much effort. 
  • Exercise regularly. Go for a walk, jog or a Zumba session. Whatever works. Fight the instinct of being sedentary. Move, Move, Move.
  • Cultivate the habit of Gratitude- There are treasures of happiness all around us and within us . Just take 5 min every night and capture things that you are grateful for. This has significant leverage.
  • Simplify- Do less instead of more. Don’t cram work . Focus on doing a few things. Simplify your life. Restrict exposure to news and social media.

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