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Growing Vs Learning

My wife said this to me once- “You are reading books about personal improvement, growth but I don’t see you growing “.

I was learning new stuff so I felt sure I was growing.  My wife’s feedback was a stunner. It forced me to ask myself the question- Is learning and growing not the same ? The answer was- NO.

  • I attend training programs, I take a lot of notes, I learn new concepts, I get new ideas.
  • I converse with my mentors. Ideas are shared. I make note of those.
  • I read books, I read quotes that inspire, I learn about principles that govern our life. I record those in a book.

Learning happens when I acquire new knowledge.

Growing on the other hand happens when I change.

I change when I start applying the knowledge I have acquired in a tangible way, through deliberate action.

However, for the transition from learning to growth , there needs to be a catalyst- A purpose or a goal for which this learning can be applied.

When I am powered towards the attainment of a goal, I find a way to convert the knowledge from my learning into action.

 I put my knowledge to action in a manner where it creates change within me, to become better.

  •  I change my way of thinking OR
  • I change my old habits and replace them with new habits OR
  •  I change the way I manage my emotional state OR
  •  I change the way I do certain things.

Personal Growth is the change I experience in myself when I put my learning into action.

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