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Weekend Thoughts

All of us have an ego about our own self-importance. We view everything through the lens of how something impacts us, how we will be perceived, what it will do to our position in society, family, etc. Our sense of the world around us is colored by our need to protect our own self-image at the expense of everything else.

I realized something very ego-shattering this Saturday morning. A small virus particle has the potential to snuff out a life in a matter of a few days despite all the medical facilities at our disposal.

So what is it that I am fighting for- Me, Myself? It’s all so inconsequential and silly. Our Ego is an imagined creation of our mind trying to hoodwink every one of us into thinking that the world revolves around me and that I can control the world around me.

No, we do not have any control. The universe through the virus is saying, “you are no one. You are just a breath that can be extinguished in an instant”. If I can’t even control how my body will respond to an invisible virus, how is it possible for me to imagine that I am in control of people and the situations around me?

Being in control, being anxious, being stressed, being upset, being angry, being impatient- these are all expressions of our Ego, trying to exert some influence and making itself relevant, vainly.

Get out of this bondage to your self-image. It’s wholly fictitious and has no meaning. You can derive meaning from life by realizing that there is a more significant force that is directing your life. When you accept and submit yourself to this higher source, you can begin to explore your full and true potential. You waltz through life, knowing that whatever will happen will happen for good. There will be no space for limiting emotions to take root. The higher source is not sitting and deciding that you should have a mediocre life compared to someone else. It wants everyone to experience the best life they can live.

So don’t take your Ego and yourself seriously. It is an unwelcome guest and a snitch that has taken control of your mental house and is always trying to tell you how everyone and everything around you is not interested in your well-being. You may not be able to evict the Ego from your house, but you can undoubtedly lock it up and prevent it from roaming around your mental home and distracting you.

Nature has created everything in balance. There is no Being in this universe that is more important or less important, good or bad, more critical, or less critical. Everything is in its place, for a good reason.

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