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Daily Is Easier

Daily is easier

It’s easier to do something daily rather than look to do the same thing a few times a week. Here is a counterintuitive proposition I want to share today based on my personal experience.  Three years back, just as I Read more…

Weekend Story-Boundary


Once upon a time, on a serene island, resided two young boys. They spent most of the days repairing fishing nets and lobster traps. Their homes were located about a hundred meters from the island’s lighthouse, where towering cliffs of Read more…

Acheivement & Contribution


A reader recently contacted me, curious about the motivation behind my daily writing habit. Instead of addressing this question directly, I want to offer a perspective on achievement and contribution and how they have shaped my journey. In our quest Read more…

Weekend Story-The Pachyderm And The Pig

The pachyderm

Once upon a time, an elephant decided to take a refreshing dip in a river. Then, feeling squeaky clean and fabulous, it strolled along the forest path with an air of superiority. Suddenly, the elephant spotted a pig approaching from Read more…

Six Mistakes of Life

Six Mistakes

Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error. Marcus Tullius Cicero Marcus Tullius Cicero was an extraordinary individual renowned for his multifaceted talents and accomplishments. He held positions as a politician in the Roman Senate, Read more…

Making Things Happen

make things happen

“Getting things done” and “Making things happen” may sound similar, but they have different implications. You are “Getting things done” when you complete tasks, tick off to-do lists, and fulfill responsibilities. It’s a necessary aspect of productivity but not enough Read more…

Weekend Story-The Young Man And Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller

Once upon a time, there was a young man who lived in a town. He was lazy and wanted good things to come to him without putting in too much effort. He tried working at a few places, but his Read more…

No One Cares Until You Show Results

no one cares

“My team was struggling with a problem, and I knew what we could do to deal with the problem. No one took me seriously. It was as if my opinion did not matter”,  my mentee wistfully lamented to me during a Read more…

The Way Of The Acorn


The mighty Oak tree starts out as a humble acorn seed. It is a fundamental law of nature. All things big start out small and, more importantly, take time. If you’re embarking on a venture to create something new, like Read more…

Make It Safe

Make it safe

Here’s a brilliant piece of wisdom I am sharing via Adam Grant’s Twitter Feed. I don’t think there is anything more to add here. Blaming and shaming doesn’t stop people from making mistakes. It stops them from admitting mistakes. If Read more…