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Abundance Or Scarcity-What’s Your Mindset?

scarcity mindset

When you show up with an abundance mindset, you see possibilities. In contrast, when you come with a scarcity or constraint mindset, you only see obstacles and challenges. Stephen Covey popularized the idea of an abundance mindset in his book Read more…

Don’t Ascribe Bad Intent Behind Wrong Actions

Bad Intent

Many of us often struggle with a bad habit of interpreting others’ actions as their intent. Here’s how this bad habit plays out many times. We don’t do something well, or we do something wrong, we say it’s not us, Read more…

The Boundaries Are In Our Heads

Boundaries in our heads

Often when it comes to dealing with any opportunities or challenges, we create our own self limiting narratives. We say things like This is not how things have been done before, or My boss has not told me to do Read more…

Be Inspired- The Incredible Story Of Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha

My friends know that I am always looking for good stories that inspire. This afternoon a friend referred me to watch a video of a talk by a young lady Arunima Sinha. In this 18 minute talk, Arunima Sinha traces her incredible Read more…

You Will Get What You Believe

what you believe

Here is an idea for everyone to consider. Life doesn’t give you what you want. It gives you what you believe. If what you desire and what you believe are in synch, you get what you desire. If what you Read more…

Worried About Exposing Your Flaws?


Every one of us suffers from different types of insecurities. We have things that we think make us look weak or bad- Not a good public speaker, not skilled enough, attractive enough, smart enough, analytical enough, etc. Unfortunately, because we Read more…

Guy In The Glass

Guy In the Glass

I recently came across a brilliant poem, ” The Guy In The Glass,” penned by Peter Dale Winbrow Sr in 1934. In this poem, the author asks us, readers, to remember to live by our own conscience. We all pursue Read more…

Playing Safe Is Not Safe

Playing safe

A common tendency that I notice in many people is their unwillingness to explore and experiment when it comes to doing their job. This is because they are afraid of getting it wrong. Most times, people choose to take up Read more…

Be A Professional

Be A Professional

You can’t grow professionally if you don’t grow personally- this is one of my core life mantras. Any growth you wish to see in your professional realm can happen if you focus on growing as a person first. I believe that Read more…

True Wisdom

True Wisdom

People in ancient Greece believed that the Oracle of Delphi, Pythia was the voice of the Apollo, the god of archery, music and dance, truth, and prophecy. Once, someone approached the Oracle Pythia and wanted to know who was the Read more…