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Push Physical Boundaries To Build Mental Resilience

I have a confession to make. I envy all my friends who have run half and full marathons.

I have done a few 10 Km runs myself but I have never managed to muster the courage to go for the half or full marathon. There is a desire in my head, but I am fighting shy of making this into a concrete goal.

To undertake a goal of this nature requires oodles of self-discipline, grit, and willingness to undergo physical hardship and pain. I have not been able to muster the courage, conviction, and commitment to deal with the discipline and the pain of preparing for and running at least a half marathon.

There is this phrase ” the extra miles are between the ears,” meaning that running a half or full marathon is mental pursuit more than just a physical one.

To prepare for such a race, I would need to build my physical conditioning, and also my mental resilience.

Mental resilience comes from exercising strong self-discipline. Mental resilience refers to a psychological makeup where I commit to a disciplined regimen necessary to complete a half marathon. It also refers to the willingness to tolerate pain and not give up, no matter what.

Pushing physical barriers is a great way to build mental resilience, and this in turn boosts self-belief and self-esteem in a big way.

My message is not for everyone to take up running marathons. Any physical activity that pushes one out of the normal zone of comfort and requires discipline and commitment is a great way to build mental resilience. This in turn will have a positive ripple effect on every other aspect of your life.

I am still mulling. My intellect is telling me to go for it. The fear of committing is intense. I am presently just taking the first baby steps—brisk walking for an hour a day. I have been doing it for over a month without a break of more than two days at a stretch. I need to take it up a notch.

To be able to complete a half or full marathon in not just an athletic achievement. It is a state of mind where I know I can pursue any goal that feels impossible and make it happen.

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