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Effective Communication

“Pramod, Whenever I try to convey a message or communicate something, I get the feeling that I am not taken seriously. How do I create more impact?”

Many times in life, it is not enough if you do something well. How you communicate what you have done is equally important.

Communication is the process of expressing yourself to others to create impact and elicit an action in response to the message you have conveyed. It does not matter what role in life you are essaying-be it a student, executive, salesperson, family member, or a leader you have to communicate effectively.

There is a misconception that communication means the ability to talk glibly. That is not true.

I want to share one specific aspect that I have seen that significantly improves the effectiveness of communication.

Imagine two people attend a talk by an inspiring public speaker. One of the two comes out transformed while the other has no impact. The communicator was the same for both. One was ready to receive the message while the other was not.

Whenever one is conveying some message, however useful and powerful it may be, to an unprepared mind, it becomes ineffective.

It’s like planting a healthy seed in an unprepared weed-infested land. There is no chance for the seed to take root and sprout. When the receiver is not ready and receptive, it is futile to communicate the message. More effort should go into preparing the person’s mind to receive your message.

  • If you want your boss to back you up on a project, take time to share information about the different facets of the work involved in the project. Seed ideas about the project with your boss and others who engage with your boss so that his mind is ready to engage with the message when you bring it up.
  •  If you are meeting someone through a reference for a possible job, get your reference to give out a glowing review about you. Additionally, send out information in advance about the work you have done. Prepare the person to be receptive when you meet.
  •  In personal relationships, too, this applies. You have some advice for your child. There is no point in pushing your message across when your child is not prepared to listen to what you have to say. Let the child know that you want 30 min of her uninterrupted time. Go out for a coffee or an ice-cream after dinner and have the conversation.
  •  You want to get your parents to buy you the latest Apple watch. You may be in a better position if you prepare the ground through your behavior and other actions such that your parents are better disposed to agree, when you put up the request.
  • You are in Sales and pitching your solution to a client. Don’t do it cold. Share appropriate background information upfront with the client so that when you are with the client, he already has an idea of how your solution can solve problems he in encountering. 

Spend time preparing the receiver’s mind before planting the seed of the message you wish to convey.

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