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How Do I Overcome Resistance To Meditate

In anything we do, for every action, we want feedback. Whenever there is an investment of effort, we want to see some outcome, some progress. We want proof that the process works, E.g., when you work on a project diligently, you want to see the result in terms of your organization deriving the benefit and also recognizing and appreciating your effort. If you are dieting, you want to see your weight reducing. You want proof that the process is working.

The reason why so many of us struggle with meditation is that unlike typical actions, there is no apparent evidence of any benefit. Yesterday, I sat in meditation. Nothing happened. Today also I sat in meditation. Nothing happened. Tomorrow also when I sit in meditation, I know nothing will happen. So when there is no feedback loop on any benefit, our mind dismisses meditation as futile and of no value. Why take up something when there is no value?

The benefits of meditation are very subtle. My awareness and mindfulness may improve. I may become creative, more patient. I may feel more energized, more positive, and less anxious. All the benefits are intrinsic and within me. I can only sense the benefits over some time. There is no instant gratification.

So in a situation where our mind craves validation and proof of process, paradoxically, that is not within grasp when we commit to taking up meditation.

Appreciating and accepting the fact that meditation may not give you any unique experiences at the outset is essential. You can then take on the practice of meditation with no expectation of benefit of any sort to start with. You just have to have faith that it will help you.

What was my experience of taking up meditation?

For me, it set in motion a spiritual process of gifting myself a few moments of solitude where I could operate beyond my ego.

It is our ego that craves the validation process ” Is this valuable” “How is sitting silently helping me.”; “It’s useless. There are so many thoughts in my head that I am unable to control.”; “I have more important work to do.” Initially, I had all these thoughts too. But slowly as I persevered, I guess my ego realized that my desire to sit in solitude was more potent than the hold it had on me. I then got the much-needed space to enjoy the process without my ego’s constant intrusion. A virtuous cycle was set in motion.

When the filter of ego got lowered, it led to more awareness and clarity. The play of my mind and my ego started getting revealed more and more. I started becoming more mindful and more observant of my thoughts, my emotions, and how different external triggers were tripping me up. I started knowing myself better.

What started as a process of sitting silently for just five minutes a day became a catalyst for my personal transformation. Over the years, I have become better at problem-solving. My creativity has improved. I am more confident. My relationships have improved dramatically. The benefits on the material side have also been very gratifying. Most importantly, Success has not come alone; Fulfillment has been its constant companion.

Commit to the practice of meditation in good faith. You will see yourself transforming slowly but surely !!!

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