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Power Is In “Doing” What We Know

Every one of us knows intuitively what is right and what is wrong. We don’t need formal training to teach us about the basics of right or wrong.

The problem is that despite know right from wrong, we let ourselves down in two ways.
One-By not being able to do what is right.
Two-Being unable to control ourselves from doing what is wrong.

Our challenge is not that we do not know. Our problem is that we do not DO.

Knowing is of no use if we don’t put our knowledge to work. All of us know smoking is bad. Yet people smoke. We know procrastination is bad. Yet, we procrastinate. We know sticking to commitments is good and will help us, yet we can’t seem to prevent ourselves from missing out on promises. We know operating with an abundance mindset is very good, yet we keep regressing into a scarcity mode. We know bitching is bad, yet we keep expending time and energy on this. The list can go on…

Personal development is about being able to muster the intensity and discipline to do what we know to be good and avoid doing what we know to be wrong. The more we keep DO this , the more we develop ourselves.

A last word. In case you are not sure about what is right or wrong, here is a simple test. Whatever you may have done or want to do , ask yourself this question, “will I be ok if my parents or my children get to know about what I have done?” The answer your conscience will give you will quickly guide you to whether you are on the right or the wrong path.

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