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The Infinite Dimension

There are two dimensions to our life when it relates to our values, beliefs, and thoughts—the material and spiritual. Money, Assets, time, experiences, all relate to the material side of our life. Values like happiness, Joy, Compassion, truth, love, gratitude, and abundance relate to our spiritual side.

The dimension of our material life is always finite in terms of value. The quantum of money one has in the bank, the number of assets one possesses, the number of destinations one has traveled, the range of experiences one has gone through, etc.

In the material world, there is always an exchange of value. It’s a zero-sum game. A consumer parts with money and receives goods, and the seller gives goods and earns money. An employee commits his skill and time in return for a salary. A family purchases a house or an experience in exchange for money.

Anything that by giving if it reduces is material. In the same vein, anything that can be shared or divided is material. Scarcity happens in the material world.

The dimension of our spiritual life, on the other hand, is potentially infinite.

Happiness, joy, compassion, abundance, hope- these spiritual dimensions do not diminish. In fact, unlike the material aspects, they multiply, appreciate, and increase when we give. When I give happiness and joy to others, I experience even more happiness and joy. Compassion multiplies when I show compassion for someone. One can share the love with everyone; it does not diminish.

Anything that by giving if it appreciates or increases instead of reducing is spiritual. More importantly, your happiness, joy, or compassion is independent of anyone else’s. Spiritual does not have to be shared or divided. As much as we want is available on demand.

When we start becoming richer on the spiritual side, our lives expand on the material side too. Strengthen your spiritual dimension. The upside is infinite.

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