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Wrong Happens Fast,Setting It Right Takes Time

I was rushing for an appointment with a prospective client. I did not want to be late. I stepped on the gas, pushing about 130 Kmps speed. I had been to this client location a few times, so I was driving without my GPS. I thought I knew the right turn to take, but I was mistaken. I moved into the wrong lane. I had double back and retraced my route. With that mistake made, I was no longer sure. I had to drive very carefully and very slowly to not miss my way again. Taking the wrong route happened in a jiffy. Retracing my path and correcting my mistake to get to my destination took a lot longer.

The pattern happens in many things we do.

  • We are quick to say something harsh to someone, thinking we know what we are doing, and it backfires damaging the relationship. Repairing and rebuilding the relationship will take time, effort, and patience.  
  • You go into a meeting underprepared, thinking you can do no wrong. You get caught out, and the team loses faith in your abilities. Restoring confidence and trust will take a lot of time and effort on your part. 
  • You are lazy. You don’t keep yourself fit, thinking you are invincible. You develop ailments. Trying to recover and become healthy will require sustained effort, commitment and a long time. 
  • You think you have a proper metabolism. You don’t pay attention to the bad eating habits you have developed. Weight gain happens very fast. Trimming the weight gained takes time and effort. It will be a prolonged and challenging process.

Mistakes don’t happen on their own. They happen because of the wrong choices we make. The wrong decisions happen because many times we are cocky, thinking we know what we are doing. 

Be prudent and make the right choices. It is always more efficient to do something right at the outset than trying to set the wrong, right.

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