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Problems Are Good

We live in an interconnected world. Every person’s success comes from solving someone else’s problem.

When encountering any challenge of difficulty, do we see it as a problem, or do we see it as an opportunity?

There were once two people who were sent to a desert village to sell sandals to the villagers. One of them came back dejected. “I’m afraid there is a problem. No one in the village wears sandals. There is no opportunity.”. The other person came back all excited. “Thank you for sending me. No one in the village wears sandals. We have the opportunity of a virgin market we can own”.

If we think something is a problem, it will be a problem. If we believe it to be an opportunity, it will be an opportunity. Our problem-solving attitude will determine our commitment and willingness to see a problem as an opportunity.

When we think of others’ problems as our opportunities, and we solve them, we create value.

  • A patient’s health problem is a doctor’s opportunity to create value.
  • A client’s financial problem is a Financial Advisor’s opportunity to create value.
  • A Business efficiency problem is an IT Company’s opportunity to create value.

In solving problems of others and creating value, there is success for those who do it. So, for one to be successful in career and life, problems are an essential ingredient !!

Problems->Lead to Opportunities->Success

If you want to keep growing in life, you have to be prepared to keep solving problems. And to experience success, you have to keep solving problems consistently. As long as issues and problems are there, there is a scope for success.

Success is directly proportional to the size of the problem and the number of problems solved. The bigger the problem you embrace and resolve, the more success you will experience. Don’t try and avoid problems. They are opportunities in disguise and your gateway to success.

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