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Give Whatever It Takes

At some point in our life, all of us have to deliver results associated with a set of goals. It could be qualifying examinations for a student; for an sales executive, it could be delivering sales targets in a calendar year leading up to a promotion. It could be an entrepreneur promising a specific set of financial results to the investors or a sportsman competing in a tournament.

In all these scenarios, the bottom line is whether the results are delivered or not. No one cares how hard one worked or how good you are. Goodness is no substitute for performance. What matters is whether the results are delivered.

Are you are a performer? Do you have the results and excellent performance to back up all the effort you have put in? The world will step aside in respect when results happen. The people around will salute you when your results speak louder than your words.

If the results are not there to back your effort, there will be naysayers and critics who will have views and opinions about whether you are good enough or not.

Often, in the pursuit of goals and results, you may feel that you have given your best and nothing else or nothing more can be done. “What could I have done, the markets were tough” or “I wrote the exam well only but the marking was tough” or “my boss is not appreciating my efforts.”

What you think is, unfortunately, of no value for anyone looking at the results.

Rather than justifying why results did not happen or getting defensive, the best way to shut the critics from passing judgment about you is to produce results. Don’t give excuses—Only results matter. Everything else is mere noise.

One of my mentors taught me this when I was young. Don’t give your best. Give whatever it takes for the results to happen. If you are a student and the pursuit of getting the Top score takes away your sleep, friends, social media, fun times, be Ok. Give whatever it takes. If you are in sales and the markets are soft, be Ok to meet up more prospects than you usually do, be ready to get rejected more times and be prepared to make your weekends count by attending networking events- Don’t just give your best. Give whatever it takes.

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