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Say Your “Thank You” In Advance

Thank You
Say Thank You In Advance

I enter my friend’s house, and as I go in, I say to my host, ” Thank you so much for a nice steaming cup of coffee.”  

“Sure thing. Make yourself comfortable while I get you a cup of hot coffee,” my host responds.

This is the great thing about good friends. You can take the liberty of expressing your gratitude in advance for something you desire. And your friend will oblige you.

God or any higher source you believe in is like your trusted friend. When you say “Thank you” in advance for all the good things you desire, the higher source will oblige you.

As you wind down for the weekend, go into it with an attitude of gratitude(in advance).

For all the good things you want in your life, say “Thank you” in advance.

  • For the beautiful moments, you wish to enjoy,
  • For the great new relationships, you hope to connect with
  • For the blessing of good health and wealth

The higher source will find a way to shower you with the abundance you desire.

So go ahead- Say your “Thank You” for the fantastic week you are about to experience. You deserve it !!

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