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A Wandering Mind Is An Unhappy Mind

wandering mind

An SMS notification flares up on the phone. A question appears on the screen- How are you feeling right now? The respondents choose a number from between 0(very bad) to 100(very good). As soon as the response is sent, a Read more…

Be(a)ware Of The Arrival Fallacy

arrival fallacy

You have made it.  Accomplishment of any sort is a wonderful feeling. It fills us with a sense of being worthy, fuelling a feeling of happiness. But, there is an issue. Achievement feels great, but only for a brief moment. Read more…

Be Selfish!! About Your Happiness

Be Selfish

Make your happiness and well-being your biggest priority-Because we all leak our emotions to the people and the environment around us. If you are happy and peaceful, you will radiate the same emotions to everyone around you. By the same Read more…

Weekend Story- Discovering Meaning

Discovering meaning

In a big city, a wealthy heiress once struggled with a sense of emptiness despite all her wealth. She felt like she was leading a life with no meaning. So, one day, she went across to a Counselor to figure Read more…

Be Happy With Yourself First

happy relationships

Your relationships with others will be happy and positive only when your relationship with yourself is happy and positive. Many of us suffer from a lot of emotional insecurities and traumas that we then try to cover up through the Read more…

Prioritize The Big Rocks

Big Rocks

I am sure many of you would have seen this video doing the rounds on WhatsApp about a professor coming to a class and doing an exercise of filling a container with rocks, pebbles, and sand. The video presents an Read more…

Your Smile Is Contagious

Smile Is Contagious

Have you ever caught yourself having a long tiring day and being in an indifferent mood, but then randomly feeling joy when someone cracks a joke or does something funny, putting a smile on your face? This happened to me Read more…

Happiness Is The Common Currency

Happiness Is The Common Currency

I did a small mental exercise with myself as an idea for this blog post.  I picked a few typical desires anyone would have, and I asked myself a series of “why” questions to see where the chain of my Read more…

The Hamburger Theory And The Happiness Archetype

Happiness Archetype

Tal ben-Shahar is a professor at the Harvard University Teaching a top-rated course on Happiness. He has postulated the Hamburger Theory to metaphorically represent four different archetypes of people who approach life differently. The model looks like this. Type 1- Read more…

Three Ways You Can Spend Your Money

spend money

How can we spend our money in ways that improve our well-being? During my weekend reading, I came across this interesting study titled Pro-social Spending and Buying Time: Money as a Tool for Increasing Subjective Well-Being. Researchers from Harvard and other Read more…