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Five Components Of A Good Life

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I was in a coaching conversation with a friend recently. After the session had ended, we were having a freewheeling chat about what makes for a good life. I shared my view of what makes for a good life.

  1. Physical Health- There is no point in being successful and unhealthy. It defeats the purpose. As I am aging, I realize that being healthy is the most critical component of a good life. Eat well, sleep well, keep your body in good shape and keep track of your health. 
  2. Happiness/Mental Well-Being- I want to be in a mental state where I feel good about myself and my life. Mental well-being is an essential pillar of my life and something I want to focus on consciously. It is about being in a positive and confident mental state a majority of the time while keeping the negative emotions at bay.
  3. Great Relationships- Being with family, friends, and colleagues who love and value you and vice versa. Relationships give meaning to everything I do, and they give me the strength to cope with the challenges life will throw at me at different points.   
  4. Financial Freedom- This is all about the work I do, my career, and my lifestyle. Ultimately, the purpose of financial freedom is freedom of choice- having the freedom to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it, wherever I want to do it from, with people I want to do it with. 
  5. Serving Others- Being able to do something for others. Animals take care of family. Humans also take care of family. But If I want to go beyond a base animalistic existence, my life must mean something in terms of positively impacting others. For being born a human, there must be something I can do to serve others.

Framing the components of a good life allows me to commit my energy and focus, tending to all the five elements instead of just one or two at the neglect of others. 

What is your vision of a good life? Feel free to share your views.

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