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The Goal Is Not Everything

Goals are not everything. What you become by achieving the goal is far higher in value than the goal itself.

A goal’s purpose is to direct your focus and attention towards something that you aspire for in the future. The goal is not the end. It is just a milestone that when you cross, you will be looking at another goal, another milestone and so on.

Our intellect needs a mental direction, a point of focus to anchor upon. The goals we set for ourselves are like the North Star that gives us a sense of direction to power forward. In the absence of the North Star to refer to, in our journey of life, we will be like a rudderless ship lost at sea.

Knowing this truth, you need to invest time and energy in building meaningful and challenging goals across multiple dimensions to provide a sense of purpose and clarity to life. What you get by achieving a goal is insignificant compared to what you become as a person to attain the goal you have set for yourself. The more challenging and audacious your goals are, the more you will grow in the pursuit of those goals.

So, to reiterate. The real purpose of a goal is not the achievement of the goal in itself. It is to become a better version of yourself. The goal achievement is like the icing on the cake. The cake is the person you become in the process.

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