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Show Up With An Attitude Of Quality

attitude of quality

The way you interact with people, the way you do your work, the way you execute your tasks, the way you think, the way you solve problems, the way you plan, the way you manage yourself- Everything you do in life comes with a marker of quality.

Quality refers to the degree of excellence or the standard we demonstrate in all aspects of our lives. The quality of what we do determines the positive outcomes we experience.

Quality drives success. The quality of our work translates into a positive experience for everyone involved. Positive experiences have a cascade effect on bringing about success.

Unfortunately, we often overlook quality in the hustle-bustle of daily tasks. We assume that if we work hard, results will come naturally. And, when results don’t happen, we blame circumstances without considering our culpability in doing shoddy work.

No one sets out to do low-quality, shoddy work. The problem is that we are unaware that we are slipping in quality.

Quality is largely measurable and trackable for tasks requiring specific skills, such as programming, playing an instrument, project management, conducting surgery, writing essays, etc. Everyone has a reference point for good quality when performing tasks based on skill.

However, quality is fuzzy and contextual when it comes to tasks requiring competencies like problem-solving, negotiating, managing, leadership, decision-making, persuasion, engaging a client, etc. Therefore, in matters of competencies, if one does not have an internal reference point for what quality means, it is very easy to lose sight of quality in the busyness of task completion.

What does it take to deliver high-quality work?

Here’s a simple solution. Approach everything you do with a mindset and intention- to deliver high-quality work. Most of us intuitively know what good quality is. So if you start doing anything with the intention of delivering high-quality work, your mind will serve as your conscience keeper. It will remind you to do whatever it takes to deliver on the intention of high quality.

It’s all about having an attitude of quality. Let the attitude shine through the work you do.

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