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The Beautiful Triad-Curiosity, Humility and Empathy

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Humility is the soil of knowledge. Curiosity is the water that helps it grow.Empathy is the sunlight that shows us which way to bend.

In my younger days, whenever I asked myself “what kind of a person would I like to be” I used to struggle to figure an answer. Then, I inverted the question-“What kind of people am I drawn towards and attracted to?” What are the personality traits they possess that I admire and wish I could develop more of, in my growth journey? Over the years, I have landed on three dominant traits that have become a personal mantra for me-Humility, Curiosity, and Empathy. These are learnable traits that I continually strive to develop in myself.


Humility is a state of having no pride of feeling superior to others. I know that many people think that it is a negative quality as if it is a sign of weakness. If you aspire to be a leader, humility is a sign of strength and courage that will take you far. It is an essential first step to personal growth. Humility quells ignorance and cultivates grace and kindness. The opposite of humility is arrogance. Someone arrogant sees himself or herself as better or superior to others. Arrogance stunts personal growth as it blinds us to our flaws, leaving no incentive to improve or grow.

Humility is the courage to say, “I don’t know.”


Curiosity is the mindset of seeking to learn and discover. Curious people don’t come with fixed assumptions or expectations.Curiosity is about keeping an open mind and having the willingness to come with a fresh perspective knowing the there is always something more to learn and a better way to do. Curious people have a unique ability to infuse any situation with energy as they flesh out new ways of looking at the same information.

Curiosity is the desire that makes you say, ” I want to know.”


Empathy, for me, is one of the more difficult of skills to cultivate. It is the ability to step imaginatively into the shoes of another person, understanding his or her feelings and perspectives, and using that understanding to guide your actions. Empathy is the soil in which the seeds of compassion and connection sprout. When you are empathetic, people around you will feel more understood and more connected.

Empathy is the emotion that makes you say, ” I know how you feel.”

I read somewhere that Humility is the soul; Curiosity is the mind, and Empathy is the heart. This line is so powerful. Humility comes from a position of strength secure in knowing who you truly are. Curiosity is the whetstone that sharpens our intellect and helps us manage our day to day challenges better. Empathy is the connection we make with others through our hearts.

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  • Amazing thoughts! Even Bhagwad Gita says the same, our biggest enemy is Ego and once we leave it we learn every day and grow every day!

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