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When There Is Devotion Everything Becomes Special

My mother, for me, is the world’s best cook. Even the most ordinary vegetables in her hands transform into a fantastic dish, incredibly tasty and satisfying. I don’t remember even a single day where any of her preparations were not picture perfect in taste and presentation.

Yes, there are other equally talented cooks I know in my family, but my mom’s cooking is something else. The inputs may be the same, but the output is unique. So, what is it about my mom’s food that makes the difference? What is that special ingredient only my mom’s cooking has?

I can only describe it in one word. Devotion.

Cooking for my mom goes beyond the usual definition of work or activity. It is something that is in the realm of a higher purpose, to create satisfaction and happiness for others that comes from enjoying her cooking. It is an art that she revels in, she enjoys. She is 80 years old, and cooks every day with the same level of passion, and energy that she had when she was younger.

Devotion, in many ways, comes from the heart. It is not transactional. It is spiritual. Devotion comes from having a sense of love and joy for whatever it is we are doing. For most activities or actions we take, we say, ” I have to do it”. But, when we want to do something that our heart desires with joy and love, we say, ” I want to do it.” You surrender your wants and desires into something that holds greater meaning for you. Your actions ooze passion, and longing.

When we approach anything with devotion, the natural by-products are concentration, love, happiness, productivity, excellence, commitment, and reverence. Devotion is what creates the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, average and special.

My mother reminds me that when I bring devotion into anything I do, I have the power to transform whatever it is I do everyday into something special.

A nice question to ask of yourself “Am I devoted to the work I do and does it show?”

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