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Resilience Is In Moving On

Keep Moving On
Keep Moving On

As humans, we are all emotional.

When we perceive an injustice or experience failure or a problem of any sort, we have trouble moving on. We pickle over the issue and get all worked up. We anchor to the failures, problems and hold on to grudges, unable to let go of the issues. We continue agonizing over the problem long after it has passed.

All negative emotions are like acid. They will burn us on the inside and impair our creativity, objectivity, and capacity to execute.

The key to a good life is in our ability to process failures and moving on without getting stuck. We need to find ways to bounce back, whether it’s through time with loved ones, reading books, spirituality, pursuing a hobby, exercising- whatever works.

Problems are setbacks, not barriers. Our success lies in our resilience over failure.

It’s how we react to adversity, not adversity itself, that defines how we fare in life.

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