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Your Breath Is Powerful

Exercise your breathing

Does a living entity work on its own, or does it need a source of energy?

Lets first take the example of an electric appliance. It cannot work on its own. We need to plug the device into a power source for it to function. If the plug is faulty, it can damage the electric appliance.

Living beings are similar to these electrical appliances. Be it animals, birds, trees, humans, or for that matter, any living organism, they need to have a source of power to plug into, to function.

The Earth is an energy body and the power source that supports all living beings. The way a human being plugs into this energy source is through the breathing process. If the breathing is efficient, it draws the energy from the source correctly, and the body functions nicely. If there is a flaw in the way the breathing functions, over time, it impacts the efficiency of the human body.

Our breathing patterns and our emotional states are closely interlinked. When we are stressed, involuntarily, our breathing becomes shallow and stilted. We breathe differently when we are angry when we are excited, tired, or when we are nervous. An impaired breathing process restricts the flow of energy. This becomes the faulty plug to our human apparatus.

The process works the other way too. We can calm or energize ourselves by changing our breathing patterns. Even just taking time out to consciously become more aware of our breath can help us to start to alter our emotional states.

Breathing is not just an involuntary activity that we can take for granted. It has a purpose, and there is a science behind it. In Yoga, this is the science of Pranayama. In Sanskrit, “Prana” means breath, and “Agama” means restraint or control. Pranayama(Prana + Agama) implies control of your breath.

Making our breathing process efficient through Pranayama or breathing exercises helps in letting the life energy flow through our bodies more efficiently.

Proper and controlled breathing can energize, relax, and heal the body, making everything fall into place. It increases and balances the life energy in your system.

Just like we exercise the body, we should exercise our breathing apparatus. Everyone should learn the breathing exercises of Pranayama. It will have a direct impact on your physical well being.

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