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Improve Your Thinking

Good thoughts illuminate

The primary ingredient, the raw material for any”thing” I want in my life is my thinking. I will become a Doctor only if I first “think” of becoming a Doctor. I will experience a good life only if I think about having a good life. Everything that I have accumulated or achieved in the material plane for myself was first a Thought.

All thoughts do not become “things”. But, yes, all things first start out as a thought. If I want to improve the quality of things that come into my life, I need to improve the quality of my Thinking.

Metaphorically, our thoughts are like seeds that can be of two types. Good quality or bad quality seeds. A good quality seed can grow into a healthy and robust tree, even if the soil is not fertile and conducive. A bad quality seed, on the other hand, stands no chance. Regardless of how fertile the soil is, a bad seed will only grow to become a weak and diseased plant.

There is always this desire and ambition to improve the quality of our life. Someone wants abundance or happiness. Some others want the best results and comforts. We want to love in relationships. We want peace etc. To experience the good life, we need to have the best quality seeds i.e., best quality thoughts to sprout in our conscious mind.

“He has a Mercedes,” “She has an amazing family,” “how come that person always gets the best breaks”- We can keep envying others for what they have. But, it will not change much of what happens in our life if we don’t improve the quality of our Thinking.

The quality of your Thinking defines the quality of your life. Elevate your thought process.

How do I improve the quality of my thinking- I’ll address this in part 2 of this blog tomorrow.

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