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Expect More From Yourself

Operate to a higher standard

Our expectations are always extroverted. We always expect something from those around us. The Government, the workplace, bosses, professors, colleagues, family, friends- When we engage with any of them, there is always some form of expectation. We say,

  • The Government has to provide good governance, excellent facilities. 
  • Our workplace has to take care of training and development.
  • The professor has to guide properly.
  • Family and friends have to be there when needed.

The challenge is this. We can expect something from others, but we have no control over whether those expectations will be fulfilled.

The only expectation we can control is the one we have from ourselves. So, before having expectations of others, start expecting more from yourself.

Ask yourself.

Am I studying harder than the professor who is teaching me?

Am I doing more for the organization than what my supervisor is expecting from me?

Am I creating more value for my clients than what they are expecting from me?

Do more than what is expected. Make it a habit to go the extra mile and surpass expectations. The standards by which you hold yourself should always be higher than what the world expects of you.

When you expect more from yourself, you earn the right to expect more from everyone else. Holding yourself to a higher standard is the mark of personal excellence.

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