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Manage Your Energy-Simplify Your Life

Channelize Your Energies

In Physics, according to the law of conservation of energy the total energy of any system is always constant. This law postulates that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Instead, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.

The principle of this law applies to our life energies too.

But first, think of human efficiency like a Smartphone. There is an inherent battery capacity that powers the Smartphone. If multiple apps are running, the Phone Battery drains out very fast. If 100 applications are running concurrently, each application mathematically could take 1% of the Battery’s power. Eventually, none of the Applications or Programs will run efficiently, and the Smartphone’s overall performance suffers. The Smartphone works best when it is not running multiple applications.

Similarly, it is with our lives. We have an intrinsic cache of energy that powers our day. We drain this energy in doing multiple activities throughout the day. Where our focus goes, our energy flows. Much like the Smartphone, to run our lives efficiently, we need to focus on the vital agendas that matter for us. 

From the perspective of Energy utilization, less is more. It is better to Harness and Channelize our energies into doing a few things at a time. Don’t dissipate your energy focussing on multiple pursuits concurrently. Simplify your life. 

When you intensely focus on the key areas that matter, you transform your life energy into growing and building the object of your focus. E.g.,

  •  As an entrepreneur, if you focus your energies in the right way in growing your business, the business will grow and flourish. Instead, if you dissipate your focus into multiple other agendas, it will show in the way the business performs. 
  • As a student, if you commit your energies to specialize in one subject with complete focus, it will show up as excellence in that subject. The more Subjects you focus on concurrently, the less specialized you will be in each of the Subjects.

Simple has more power and value than complex. Maximize your efficiency by simplifying your life and focussing on the vital few instead of the distracting many. 

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